Measure sales performance. Pay commissions on time and accurately. Incentivise better.

Enable your sales people to track their performance and reward anywhere, any time. Empower the business to use incentive comp as a lever to drive sales strategy.

If you’re using spreadsheets to manage commissions and incentives - the great news is that our next gen technology provides a better solution.

  • Adaptable Incentive Plans

    Incentivise with unrivalled flexibility, using an unlimited number of calculation components.

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  • Commission Plans

    Manage simple to complex sales commission plans, for your own salespeople or a network of channel partners.

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  • Performance Rankings

    Get updated dashboard rankings and leaderboards for some healthy internal competition.

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  • What If Calculator

    Run different scenarios to see a clear line of sight between performance and reward.

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Make Every Day a Game Day

Sales is a daily habit. Great sales teams set an intent for the day then deliver to it. So then why is it that most sales incentive programs are still tracking monthly, quarterly or even annually?

PerformanceCentre brings the scoreboard to the sales team with timely sales and rewards dashboards that get everybody focused on the program and the metrics that really matter.

Our intuitive, cloud based technology delivers the power of game mechanics combined with personal achievements and progress to maximise intrinsic motivation, with rankings and leader boards to drive healthy competition and increase sales force effectiveness.

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Eliminate Hidden Costs

Disparate data, multiple systems and exception handling can drive up the cost of managing incentive compensation plans. Dealing with these challenges can burn through man-hours, waste sales time, and cause a lack of transparency on the important link between performance and reward.
PerformanceCentre integrates all your data into a single database, with 12 core features available in the cloud---eliminating any hidden costs, while providing the maximum transparency on pay for performance.

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Implement Smart

While implementation is key, that doesn't mean it has to be time consuming and expensive. Combining online collaboration tools with on-site focus, PerformanceCentre ensures that your requirements are understood and translated into the most flexible sales incentive solution, configured specifically for you. Our attention to detail and unparalleled understanding of your needs will save you both man-hours and money.

Rest easy with our 12-Month Payback Guarantee, as we take the risk out of deploying and lock in the benefits of your business case.



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Get Ahead & Stay Ahead

Don't let your salesforce get bogged down by aging hardware and software. Knowing that the speed of accessing information is vital to timely performance, PerformanceCentre runs your database functions on the cloud - ensuring you'll always be on the latest technology.

While future-proofing your sales incentive solution, we make sure that your past stays on record, keeping your data for better insights, long-term analysis and tracking. 

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Our Clients

Get your program on to the cloud in 72 hours

Provide us with an outline of your sales comp plan, provide some people and performance data, and we can have you up and running in a few hours.