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Sales Commission Software for Financial Institutions

Commissions are never straightforward, especially for financial institutions. With several variables employed for each calculation, it can be difficult to calculate commission compensation for loan officers and salespeople. This is especially true for banks, financial institutions and insurance companies with larger sales forces and high sales volumes. A single mistake can cost your institution dearly in revenue and time, and can negatively impact your organization’s relationship with its sales force. Avoid these pitfalls with PerformanceCentre.

Why Us?

PerformanceCentre is the best commission software for banks, mitigating the difficulties of sales commission management with easy-to-use software that implements best practices in your institution. Our performance-boosting features include:

  • User-Friendly Setups: PerformanceCentre is designed to be used by anyone, which is why our platform employs user-friendly features like dashboards, point-and-click setups, and mobile options. With this setup, your sales force can start using the software immediately and glean valuable information about their commissions and performance with a few clicks.
  • Accurate Systems: As a financial institution, your business relies on accuracy. So does PerformanceCentre. Our commission software for financial institutions is designed to automate calculations with a high level of accuracy, using an extensive library of calculations to help with automation. The system even maintains detailed reports and records, so your business is ready for audits and compliance checks.
  • Performance Tracking: All sales-based businesses are focused on maximizing performance. With PerformanceCentre, you don’t just maximize performance — you visualize it. PerformanceCentre uses sales and commission data to glean valuable insights into your sales performance, identifying trends and tracking performance compared to quotas. The system even sends notifications to executives to update them on changing trends compared to previous months, informing their decisions.

Since our sales commission software was launched in 2006, PerformanceCentre has calculated over $300 million in commission payments, saving more than 500,000 administration hours for banks and financial service businesses. You can be confident it’s tried and tested.

Valued By Leading Organizations Globally

With PerformanceCentre, your financial institution can maximize commission accuracy and boost sales productivity, all at a surprisingly affordable price. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses both within and outside of the financial industry boost their growth, and we can do the same for you. But don’t just take our word for it — our clients are happy to say it themselves.

  • “Ever since we deployed PerformanceCentre to automate our sales incentive compensation and recognition program we have reduced costs by 3% and reduced time spent managing the process by 75%. Our front line people love it because of the clear, up to date reporting and we love it because it helps us increase sales.”

    Head of Reward, Incentives & Analytics
    Head of Reward, Incentives & Analytics Retail Bank

Banks & Financial Services Case Studies

Our software will help you control the cost of commissions and develop an incentive plan to attract and retain the best sales talent. All whilst being compliant will the rules and regulations in the banking and financial sector. Read how our clients were able to reduce their complexity, cut administration time and motivate their sales staff using our sales compensation software.

See for yourself how PerformanceCentre incentive compensation management software works.

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