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Sales Commission Software for Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Businesses

Commissions calculations are complex beasts, depending on a variety of customer factors and variables. Though such calculations are meant to match commissions more closely with the value of the sale, their complexity can bring about numerous problems for manual commission calculations. The more complex the calculation, the more likely it is to be miscalculated. This is even true for spreadsheet-based practices, which can propagate an entire series of errors before the original calculation error is caught. The result can be lost revenue, lost time and a damaged relationship between your organization and your sales force.

Avoid these problems with the best pharmaceutical sales compensation software available — PerformanceCentre.

Why Us?

PerformanceCentre is the best sales compensation software for medical equipment and pharmaceutical businesses, helping to mitigate the difficulties associated with commission compensation for medical sales teams. This easy-to-use sales commission management software for med tech companies uses a combination of business analytics, accurate commission calculations and motivating dashboards to help implement best practices in your institution. The benefits of our software speak for themselves:

  • Motivated Sales Teams: Make every day a competition with dashboards and leaderboards based on real-time sales data. Easily accessible from a mobile device or PC, these dashboards show your sales associates how they stack up against other associates and their quotas. With this tool, you can keep employees motivated and push them to their peak performance.
  • Better Visualization: PerformanceCentre offers detailed commission reports and analytics for your administrative staff, identifying key trends in sales performance data and alerting your administrative staff about them as they happen. This way, you can quickly react to dips and peaks in sales performance, pushing your sales team to new heights.
  • Greater Security: PerformanceCentre is a web-hosted SaaS on Amazon Web Services. This means we can guarantee your business the highest level of security possible while still maintaining an easy-to-access commission compensation service for your medical sales teams.
  • More Savings: Manual commission tracking is an expensive process between the labor costs and the costs of inaccurate commissions. With more accurate calculations from PerformanceCentre, you get accurate commission tracking for your pharmaceutical salespeople that eliminates these unwanted costs and maximizes your business’ revenue.

On top of these benefits, PerformanceCentre is highly affordable, on average costing less than one percent of a business’ total commissions, making for an excellent return on investment. Since our sales commission software was launched in 2006, PerformanceCentre has calculated over $300 million in commission payments, saving more than 500,000 administration hours for pharmaceuticals and medical device businesses. You can be confident it’s tried and tested.

Valued By Leading Organizations Globally

With PerformanceCentre, medical technology business can maximize the accuracy of your commission amounts and while boosting productivity through friendly competition. We’ve helped businesses in all industries and sizes boost growth and cut costs across the board, and we can do it for your business, too. Take it from some of our other medical technology customers:

  • “PerformanceCentre has been excellent to work with. They have met our expectations at administrator and end user level and worked to deploy key functionality quickly and efficiently. The Sales Team love it. I highly recommend PerformanceCentre to any company looking at streamlining sales commissions reporting.”

    Steve Contellis
    Steve Contellis Johnson & Johnson / Manager - Sales Operations
  • “The sales team love it! From start to finish, PerformanceCentre has been excellent to work with. Their support is second to none. I highly recommend PerformanceCentre to any company looking at streamlining their sales commissions, incentive calculations and sales reporting.”

    Incentive Compensation Manager
    Incentive Compensation Manager Medical Devices Company
  • “Using PerformanceCentre makes it easy for us to manage internal sign off processes and maintain the quality and integrity of our data going in and the reporting coming out. The payroll data accuracy is very precise and completely reliable.”

    Sales Force Effectiveness Leader
    Sales Force Effectiveness Leader Pharmaceutical Company

Life Science Case Studies

As the leading incentive compensation solution for pharmaceuticals and medical device businesses in Australia, we are more than familiar with the unique challenges of paying for performance in this industry. Discover how our clients got complete control over processes and procedures, reduced administrative costs and eliminated over payments dramatically.

See for yourself how PerformanceCentre incentive compensation management software can help your medical technology business thrive.

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