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Sales Commission Software for ISP Businesses

Commissions are complex animals. With multiple variables and functions designed to model commissions more closely to the value of a single sale, commissions calculations can be tedious to manage. Unfortunately, this complexity also lends itself to mistakes. In both manual and spreadsheet-aided processes, commission calculation errors can compound into hundreds of dollars in error, resulting in your business over or underpaying your sales team employees. Not only can this hurt revenue and increase labor costs as your business fixes the issue, but it can reduce trust between your establishment and its sales team.

Avoid these pitfalls with PerformanceCentre and our commission software for media companies.

Why Us?

PerformanceCentre is the best sales commission management software for ISP businesses, designed to simplify the sales commission payment process for IT, media and entertainment companies. By providing an easy-to-use, highly visual-based system, PerformanceCentre mitigates the difficulties of sales commission management. Our system’s features include:

  • User-Friendly Setups: PerformanceCentre is designed to be a user-friendly interface that anyone can learn within minutes. Visual features like dashboards, easily understood systems like point and click setups and accessible mobile options all combine in the PerformanceCentre system, so your sales force can start using the software and gaining value from it immediately.
  • Accurate Calculations: Every business relies on accurate calculations for sales and taxes, and commissions are no different. PerformanceCentre is dedicated to accuracy as well, with a commission software for media companies that automates calculation at every turn. With a configurable commission calculation setup, simply set up your commission calculations and get started with more accurate incentives. PerformanceCentre even features a library of common commission calculations, so you don’t even need to use your own. On top of it all, the system keeps accurate sales records and reports for the auditing season.
  • Performance Analysis: Maximizing performance is the main goal of any commission structure, and PerformanceCentre can help with comprehensive performance analysis. Using sales and commission data, PerformanceCentre identifies trends in your performance and sends these insights to your business’ executives and administrators so they can react accordingly.

All these PerformanceCentre features come at a highly affordable price, averaging less than one percent of a business’ total commissions. This means you’re getting an incredible return on investment. Since our sales commission software was launched in 2006, PerformanceCentre has calculated over $300 million in commission payments, saving more than 500,000 administration hours for media and entertainment businesses. You can be confident it’s tried and tested.

Valued By Leading Organizations Globally

With PerformanceCentre, your media, entertainment or IT business can improve productivity and revenue at a highly affordable price. Hundreds of businesses within this industry and other have discovered the benefits of PerformanceCentre and support our claims.

  • “Using PerformanceCentre has cut down our staffing requirements by over 50% and means we now have a clear understanding of who we are paying and what we are paying them, eliminating costly overpayments. Anyone looking to automate their sales commission payment process needs to talk to PerformanceCentre.”

    Rewards & Incentive Manager
    Rewards & Incentive Manager Media Services Company
  • “We had always put up with trying to manage complex commission calculations and a poor reporting framework until we had our system updated with PerformanceCentre.”

    Tactical Sales Incentives Manager
    Tactical Sales Incentives Manager Media Services Company

Media & Entertainment Services Case Studies

The Internet was game changing to the media and entertainment industry. Companies that didn’t keep up with the times are probably no longer around. Learn how our clients get ahead of the game and how we help them maintain their momentum with our high-performance sales compensation solution.

See for yourself how PerformanceCentre’s comprehensive commission management software can work for your business.

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