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Commissions are an integral part of your business’ payment and incentive structure, fairly compensating and motivating your employees through sales-based commission formulas. While it’s the best choice for your business, managing commissions properly can be difficult without dedicated software, especially in high-volume sales situations. One miscalculation and you could over or underpay your salespeople, costing you dearly in time, labor and employee satisfaction.

Take the right step toward simplified commission management and boost your performance with PerformanceCentre. Our commission-tracking software is specifically designed to be an intelligent commission monitoring system, employing best practices to maximize your accuracy and motivate your sales team.

The Difference

When you choose PerformanceCentre, you choose:

  • A Motivated Sales Team: Make every day game day with real-time dashboards and leaderboards. Sales associates can easily access these through a mobile device or PC to see their performance and how they stack up against their quotas. By allowing your salespeople to visualize their performance, you help keep them motivated and performing at their peak.
  • Return on Investment: Obtaining a PerformanceCentre license isn’t expensive, usually averaging less than one percent of a business’ total commissions. While it’s an inexpensive program, it’s money well spent. With a full suite of enterprise-grade features designed to maximize performance while cutting costs, PerformanceCentre promises an impressive ROI on sales commission software.
  • Greater Security: PerformanceCentre is a web-hosted SaaS, on Amazon Web Services. This service guarantees the highest level of security for your business’ data while still allowing PerformanceCentre to be accessed from anywhere at any time. Our platform incorporates PGP encryption, which is “the closest you’re likely to get to military-grade encryption, making sure your data is safe.
  • Saved Time: Between our hundreds of clients, PerformanceCentre commission software has saved over 500,000 hours in administrative labor that would have been spent manually crunching numbers. Leave the calculations to us and focus on more strategic, productive, and revenue-building tasks.
  • More Savings: Between administrative labor costs and inaccurate commissions, manual commission calculation is an expensive process. A single incorrect calculation can cost a company dearly, both in the overpaid amount and in the labor costs associated with reworking the numbers. With PerformanceCentre, you can eliminate labor costs and guarantee more accurate calculations, all while maintaining the reports and audit trails you need.
  • Better Visualization: PerformanceCentre offers detailed reports on your commissions, helping your business identify trends and assess sales performance. The system even sends out notifications indicating which way sales are trending, so executives can make intelligent decisions based on real-time data.

On top of it all, PerformanceCentre is easy to use and implement, and with our consultative approach, we’ll help you get the most out of our system. Start maximizing your business’ accuracy and productivity with one of our multiple software packages, designed specifically to help businesses of every size. Start working with PerformanceCentre today!

Sales Teams Love It

“I highly recommend PerformanceCentre to any company”

Fastest Time

To Value

“PerformanceCentre has proven to be highly flexible and able to handle all the complexities we have thrown at it.”


“Our commission admin costs have reduced by 50%”

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PerformanceCentre Pricing

Game changing sales performance with any of our PerformanceCentre editions.

Prices in USD / user / month
(billed annually)
$20.00 / month
  • Up to 30 Users
  • Includes The
    Following Features
  • Dashboards
  • Reports + Statements
  • Leader Boards
  • Approvals
  • Quota Acceptance & MBOs
  • Data Importers
  • Audit + Compliance
  • Task Manager
  • Extensive Calculation Library
$25.00 / month
  • Up to 300 Users
  • Includes Starter
    Features Plus
  • Commission Plan Sign Off
  • Quota Management
  • Modeling & Forecasting
  • Payables
  • User Adoption
  • Performance & Pay Curves
  • Salesforce SSO (Appexhange)
$30.00 / month
  • Up to 300 Users
  • Includes Standard
    Features Plus
  • "What if" Calculator
  • Test Harness
  • Custom Table Framework
  • Metric Based Drill Down
  • Targets
  • MoM Comparisons
  • Commission Cost
  • Salesforce Opportunity Sync
  • Automated Scheduler
on Quote
  • Unlimited Users
  • Includes Professional
    Features Plus
  • Enterprise Workflow
  • Bespoke Business
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • SFTP
  • PGP Encryption

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