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Since our sales commission software was launched in 2006, it has calculated over $300 million in commission payments, saving more than 500,000 administration hours for retail & automotive businesses.
You can be confident it’s tried and tested.

  • "We are really happy with PerformanceCentre. The product helps us drive automation and continuous improvement. I have been involved in a number of software implementations and PerformanceCentre has been by far the smoothest. The end result exceeded expectations."

    Andrea Haviley
    Andrea Haviley Veeva Systems / Director, Financial Planning & Analytics
  • “PerformanceCentre has proven to be highly flexible and able to handle all the complexities we have thrown at it. I highly recommend PerformanceCentre.”

    Phil Isard
    Phil Isard Consultive / Managing Director
  • "The team at PerformanceCentre have exceeded our expectations at every turn. Having been through an end to end roll out of their software through many parts of our business, they have consistently delivered and added value to our incentive management process, ensuring we're measuring the right things and rewarding our staff appropriately."

    Ian Calpin
    Ian Calpin Vodafone / Head of Distribution & Regional Expansion

Retail & Automotive Case Studies

We understand the challenge behind high employee turnover, unless sales channels and products lines that change daily. Luckily our solution allows businesses to get ahead and stay ahead in this fast paced industry. Learn how PerformanceCentre provides the fastest time to value and helps organizations operate their sales commissions at optimal efficiency.


Telco makes sales team happy and cuts admin cost by 25%


Telco makes sales team happy and cuts admin cost by 25%


Telco makes sales team happy and cuts admin cost by 25%

SPM Improves Sales Focus

SPM Improves Sales Focus - Consultive improves sales focus by implementing PerformanceCentre's SPM

See how PerformanceCentre incentive compensation management software works.

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