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How to Design a Sales Compensation Plan Everyone Agrees On

US: Thursday, 14 September at 4 pm PDT
AU: Friday, 15 September at 9 am AEST


If you work with sales teams, you may have noticed that everyone has an opinion on sales compensation. There are the armchair critics who will find fault in any plan. Then there are the ‘innovators’ who are sure their new design concept will nail it for next years’ plan. And don’t forget your fence sitters – the ones who signed off on the plan but now tell you it’s rubbish!


In this 20-minute webinar, we will provide you with a neat, three stage framework for herding those cats and getting everyone on the same page. We’ll look at how you can secure agreement to the foundation principles, how to capture all the plan design areas in a coherent model and how to keep everyone inside the tent as you roll out your awesome new plan.

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